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HDR Evaluation CSIT SLAM Classification Real-time Hologram Calculation Eye tracking Channel Reciprocity Cognitive and Psychological Issues in Collaboration MIMO Resource Allocation Redistribution HD Co-manipulation 3D morphable model Ephemeral Resources Random Forest Signal processing Collaborative Virtual Environments Holography Broadband Virtual Reality Stable Resources Apache Spark Synthetic data Réalité virtuelle Big Data Online learning Assisted annotation Arbitrary Sample Rate Conversion Apprentissage machine Adaptation and reconfiguration Génération Numérique d'Hologrammes Cramér-Rao bound Bit Allocation Holographie Machine learning Affective-Motivational factors MIMO channel estimation UHD 3D Imaging Browser fingerprinting Computer-Generated Hologram Machine Learning Awareness Autoencoders Plasticité multimodale Color holography Physical model Video compression 3D eyeball Computer-Generated Holography Adaptive Regression Forest Mixed Reality Channel mapping Three-dimensional imaging Augmented Reality Automatic Recognition Acceptance Stress Big data Champs aléatoires Deep unfolding Virtual reality Camera relocalization Channel hardening HEVC 4K Acceptability 3D Hand Skeleton Autoscaler Regression 3D User Interfaces 3DUI Reinforcement learning Plasticity Laser Cloud Vidéo 3D Rate-Control Channel charting SLA Emotion recognition Adaptive spatial resolution Awareness in Collaboration Systems Arbres de décision 3D User Interaction Comparison Before-After Use Collaborative interaction Gaze estimation Unused resources Activity recognition Capteurs Channel estimation 360 • SHVC 3D User Interfaces Collaboration Acceptabilité Broadcast Camera Relocalization