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PCB Susceptibility Transients GTEM cell Radar Kriging Bioelectromagnetics Uncertainty quantification Reverberation chamber Integrated circuit Radiation efficiency Antenna modeling Biological effects Field-to-line coupling CEM Absorption Anechoic chambers Dosimetry Effective sample size Phantoms Reverberation chambers Simulation Microstrip antennas Biocompatibility Antenna measurements Implantable Chambre réverbérante Specific absorption rate SAR Antennas Immunity Microstrip Automotive electromagnetic compatibility DAB Audio Millimeter waves Conformal antennas In-body Animal exposure In vitro Uncertainty propagation Autocorrelation function Design Modulation Calibration Electromagnetic compatibility Image theory Reverberation Chamber Modélisation Antennas efficiency measurement Modeling Cable harnesses Bioelectronics Implantable antennas Surrogate model Biomedical applications Reverberation chamber RC Autoregressive models Electromagnetic compatibility EMC Extreme quantiles Automobile Antennes Full-wave simulation Spherical wave expansion Ingestible Compatibilité électromagnétique DPI Dielectric properties Reverberation 5G EMC Conformal antenna Crosstalk RF FM Antenna AM Controlled stratification Electromagnetic interference Wireless power transfer Permittivity Analytical model Band Biomedical telemetry ICIM-CI Théorie des images Statistics Exposure assessment Automotive Exposure system Sensitivity analysis Power density Hyperthermia Weibull distribution Integrated circuits 60 GHz Monte Carlo Radar cross section BiP/GRP78 Anechoic chamber Field-to-trace coupling