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Laboratory of Signals and Systems



The major fields of interest of the Laboratory of signals and systems recover multiple scientific disciplines:

- fundamental mathematics and applied mathematics at the origin of the development of the treatment of the signal, the numerical, information theory and cryptology,

- the physical develops theories by using the mathematical tool to describe and envisage the evolution of the systems and she is at the origin of the theory of electromagnetism.


Works of the L2S are structured by groups :

The research topics of Signals group are articulated around two mains objects:

- Statistical modeling and signal analysis: time series analysis and prediction theory, punctual processes and quantum models, time-frequency methods and sources separation.
- Bayesian strategies in inverse problems : Stochastic models Markovians or separable, stochastic hidden variable models, not supervised or short-sighted aspects, 3D tomographic reconstruction images and impulse déconvolution.

The Telecoms and networks group carries out research in the field of networks, telecommunications and multimedia security. Its main applicative interests are wireless and mobile networks, self-organizing networks, and the connections between communication and energy networks. It is making heavy use of such tools as joint source-protocol-channel coding and decoding, robust image and video compression, distributed source coding, oversampled frames, game theory, information theory, stochastic geometry, watermarking and steganography.

The Systems & control group is interested by the mechanical & electric systems: passivity-based control, active vibration control, electronic power systems, by the control of nonlinear hybrid dynamical systems: control and supervision of complex systems, sampled systems, by estimation and modelling: state and parameters estimation for nonlinear systems, black box model and estimation of time varying parameters.


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